Akbar Brothers Limited, Hirdaramani Group, Debug Group and ESNA Holdings are the major shareholders in RENEWGEN.

Akbar Brothers Limited

The biggest Sri Lankan tea exporter for 14 consecutive years and the flagship store of the finest Ceylon tea, Akbar Brothers Limited is a diverse conglomerate that has expanded over the years.

Incorporated in 1972, the company today has invested in many sectors and plays a key role in development such as power generation, pharmaceuticals, flexible packaging, banking, insurance, property development and management to name a few.

Despite the diverse portfolio, tea will always remain the company’s core business and key strength.

Hirdaramani Group

From their humble beginning as a single retail store in the heart of Colombo’s commercial area, the Hirdaramani Group now caters to high street labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Nike, M&S, Tesco, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and True Religion.

Their production facilities across Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam are capable of producing approximately 13 million articles of clothing each month.

The Group has diversified in recent years to encompass leisure, power, information technology, retail industries apart from apparels. Boasting of a rich and diverse heritage with over 30,000 employees the group has spread across six countries and six industries.

Debug Group

Founded at a time of great development in the IT sector, the Debug Group has responded to the growing demand of computers with reputed, high quality brands.

Well known for their commitment to provide high standards and services, the business plays a major role in Sri Lanka’s IT sector by distributing and introducing high quality products and new standards in sales and servicing.

Over the years Debug has expanded not only within the IT sector but also to other sectors such as power, renewable energy, printing, advertising and automotive services.

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