Kyambura Small Hydro Power Project
The Kyambura Small hydro power is located on the Kyambura River in Rubiziri District in South-western Uganda. The key project structures comprise a concrete flow diversion weir and intake, pebble basin for flushing coarse river bed material, 2.7 km headrace canal, incorporating a settling basin tank, forebay, 0.95 km of penstock, and a surface power station. The power station will be equipped with two Francis generating units with a combined installed capacity of 7.6 MW and an estimated energy output of 36.7 GWh/ per year.

RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd was awarded the “WINNER” of the 1st Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) Hydropower & Clean Energy Excellence Award 2015. This award was presented as a mark of appreciation and recognition of the organization that has contributed significantly to the sustainable promotion, support and development of Hydropower and clean energy in Asia Pacific region. On behalf of the Company the award was accepted by Mr. Manjula Perera, Director/CEO at an impressive event held in Hong Kong and award was present by Mr. Gyanendra Lal Pradhan, the Chairman of Asian Council on Water, Energy and Environment.

The 1st CACCI Hydropower & Clean Energy Excellence Award 2015 was organized at the 29th CACCI conference in Hong Kong. CACCI is a regional grouping of apex national chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and business enterprises in Asia and the Western Pacific.

RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd is a mini hydro developer in Sri Lanka, invested in state-of-the-art hydro power plants that are guaranteed to provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity. RENEWGEN mini hydro power plants contributes 10MW of power to the national grid with over 18MW more in the pipeline. The success behind RENEWGEN is its dedicated and committed highly Professional Management Team.

Dambulu Oya Mini Hydro Plant - August 2014
The 3.2MW power plant is the newest mini hydro power plant in its preliminary stages. Situated in Dambulu Oya, Dambulla the project is scheduled to commence construction by August 2014.

Constructing Maskeli Oya Mini Hydro Plant - May 2014
Adding another power plant to the list, our teams have begun construction of the Maskeliya Oya mini hydro power plant. The power plant which is to provide 2.0 MW of power to the national grid commenced construction in May 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by November 2015.

Commissioning Bulathwatta mini hydro power plant - Feb 2014
The Bulathwatta mini hydro power plant for which construction commenced in March 2012 was completed and commissioned on 18th Feb 2014. Located in Bulathwatta, Haputale the plant has a 690V generator and a capacity of 3,800kW.
Managed by Diyaviduli (Pvt) Ltd the Bulathwatta mini hydro power plant is a fully owned subsidiary of RENEWGEN

Our overseas venture - Jan 2014
RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd. is proud to begin construction of our first ever overseas venture at Burahya, Kabarole, Uganda. Once commissioned the mini hydro power plant will provide 3MW of power to the area. Generating approximately 12.11 GWh of energy per year the hydro plant will use water diverted from the Mahoma River.

Commission of Upper Kokawita mini hydro power plant - Jun 2012
The mini hydro power plant coming under Terraqua Kokawita (Pvt) Ltd. adds a much needed 1.2 MW of power to the national grid. Situated in Kokawita, Kalawana the plant has a capacity of 1,200kW and will be managed by Diyaviduli (Pvt) Ltd.

Starting up Madugeta mini hydro power project - Mar 2012
The mini hydro power plant constructed under Vidul Madugeta (Pvt) Ltd. has been commissioned. Situated in Madugeta, Neluwa construction for the project began in March 2012. Managed by Vidul Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. the project is a joint venture by RENEWGEN and Vidullanka PLC. The plant has a capacity of 2,200kW and will contribute 2.2MW of power.

Providing free electricity and stationery
We at RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd. believe in lending a hand to those less fortunate. As a part of our corporate social responsibility we provide free electricity to Udamalibada Devananda Kanishta Vidyalaya.
During the programme held to celebrate the occasion we also held awareness programmes on the importance of environmental protection and the recycling of energy and other items. Students and teachers were introduced to the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) by our employees who have made it their motto.
Participants were also provided gifts and stationery for the coming school year.

The donation of houses, educational facilities and for local festivals
RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd. has several ongoing CSR projects which benefit various villages and schools across the country. One such project is the annual funding of various village festivals at Kokawita, Kalawana. Our organization annually donates funds to the Kalawana District Secretary for the Vesak festival.
We have renovated and repaired the Pitigala primary school play ground, provided funds, roofing sheets and other construction material for homes that need to be repaired in the area. RENEWGEN has also donated gift packs to local school children and funds to construct a hand rail at the Kokawita temple.
The most important contribution we have made however, is the supply of electricity to the Kokawita temple and the construction and repairs of several roads in the area.

Donations to welfare societies
We at RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd. have always lent a hand to those in need. In keeping with this principal and tradition of annual donations we have made several donations to the sports and welfare societies at Bulawatta, Haputale and also to the Nikapotha Temple, Army Welfare Fund and for the celebration of the Sinhala Hindu New Year for several years.

Hydro Green Awards
We won the bronze award of the mini hydro category at the 2013/2014 National Green Award ceremony (neither silver nor gold ware awarded).

First aid and safety training
The staff at RENEWGEN (PVT) Ltd. has been trained in first aid and safety in case of emergencies.

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