We have successfully commissioned several state-of-the-art power plants across the country. Strategically situated, they provide over 10MW of power to the National Grid. Constructed and maintained by our teams of well trained professionals, we take care to consistently upgrade our plants to international standards. Fused with the latest technology and hard working members of our institution we have maintained a consistent supply of energy to our consumers.

Our well trained teams have ensured the smooth function of these establishments. Employing the best legal, financial, social and engineering minds in the market we have maintained our plants efficiently and effectively. Projects such as Halwatura Ganga Mini Hydro Plant and Bulathwatta Mini Hydro Power Plant, fully owned subsidiaries of RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd. contribute 1.2MW and 3.8 MW of power to the National Power Grid, respectively.

Partnered with other private entities we have constructed and maintained state-of-the-art plants such as Gurugoda Mini Hydro Power Plant, Upper Kokawita Mini Hydro Power Plant and Madugeta Mini Hydro Power Plant which are constant reminders of not only the high standards we maintain but also the efficiency of our maintenance teams at RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd.

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