Dambulu Oya Mini Hydro Plant

The project is located closer to Dambulu Oya reservoir, in Sri Lanka which is situated in the administrative district of Dambulla in the Central Province. The identified location of the weir is on Dambulu Oya Reservoir, a tributary of Mahaweli Ganga in Dambulla. The project is commissioned in December 2016. This is a 3.2MW project annual energy 16.5 GWh.

Turbine House 1 Turbine House 2
Plant Capacity 1920 kW 1442 kW
Design Flow 27m3/sec 27m3/sec
Net Head 8.5m 6.5m
Turbine Kaplan Kaplan
Generator 2000kVA 1600kVA
Power House Open air type left bank Open air type righ5 bank
Plant Factor 55% 55%
Transformer Type 33/0.690kV, 2,250kVA 33/0.690kV, 1,750kVA
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