RENEWGEN (Pvt) Ltd is engaged in investing in and constructing new power plants that will fill in the fast growing demand for renewable energy. We currently have several projects in the pipeline, several in the construction stage while others are at approval stages and are scheduled to launch soon.

Our skilled teams of engineers are in the process of creating state-of-the-art power plants with none or near zero pollution. Taking into consideration reports released by our expert financial, legal and social teams we are in the process of constructing plants that we will meet the increasing demand for renewable energy.

Once commissioned the Dambulu Oya Mini Hydro Power Plant and the Maskeliya Oya Mini Hydro Power Plant, both scheduled to commence construction this year, will provide 3.2 MW and 2.0 MW of power, while the lower Kokawita Mini Hydro Plant which is currently in the approval stage is to provide a further 1.9 MW to the National Grid.

We have also ventured overseas to Uganda, where our engineers will set up a hydro power plant by diverting water from the Mahoma River. This plant will provide 3MW of power to the area and generate approximately 12.11 GWh of energy per year. Increasing the pace of our search for renewable energy sources, RENEWGEN has also invested in two wind farms that will provide 10 MW of power each to the National Power Grid. Construction of these plants, the largest wind farms in Sri Lanka situated in the Northern Province, is scheduled to begin this year.

Once completed these plants will not only provide a unceasing flow of energy for domestic consumption, but will also spur on the search for renewable energy sources that is set to be the norm of future power generation.

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