Kyambura Small Hydro Power Project

The Kyambura Small hydro power is located on the Kyambura River in Rubiziri District in South-western Uganda. The key project structures comprise a concrete flow diversion weir and intake, pebble basin for flushing coarse river bed material, 2.7 km headrace canal, incorporating a settling basin tank, forebay, 0.95 km of penstock, and a surface power station. The power station will be equipped with two Francis generating units with a combined installed capacity of 7.6 MW and an estimated energy output of 36.7 GWh/ per year.

Technical Specification
Plant Capacity 7600 kW
Design Flow 5m3/sec
Gross Head 102m
Turbine Francis
Generator 4500kva x 2
Power House Open Air type right bank
Plant Factor 51 %
Transformer Type 33.5/6.3kV, 4800kVA x 2

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